Tugomiir Koval

Portrait Save
Apparent age: 24
Height:  6' 1"
Weight:  170 lbs.

 You see before you a man of astounding mannerisms and humble origins.  With a smile and a bow of the hand, a cigar in his mouth when out performing the duties of house, he greets those about him due diligence.  His raven hair falls down his back to between his shoulder blades, his stature inviting.  His eyes an alluring violet- blue show of an intellect enhanced by the thin rimmed glasses he wears most times.  

There is an aire of elegance about the man as well.  A pleasant charming smile, a kindly voice, the musky aroma of clove, he moves with grace of a practiced hand.

Character based on World of Darkness

Special Abilities:
 Obtenebration - OOOOO OOOO - the unearthly control over shadows. It is related to the practice of Abyss Mysticism within the clan.
 Shadow Play (vfx)
 Nocturne (Darkness spell)
 Arms of the Abyss
 Teneberous Form
 Aegis of Shadows (Imp Expertise)
 Shadowstep  (teleport widget)
 Shadow Lair
 Shadow Twin
 Enter the Abyss

 Dominate - OOOOO O - overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's.  (All abilities under this discipline are being rped through animal empathy checks vs Will save)
 The Forgetful Mind
 Autonomic Mastery

 Potence - OOO - endows vampires with physical vigor and preternatural strength. Vampires with the Potence Discipline possess physical strength beyond mortal bounds.

 Celerity - O -grants vampires supernatural quickness and reflexes.

 Fortitude - OOOOO - grants Kindred unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight.
 Protean - OOOOO OOO - gives vampires the ability to change form, from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist.
 Eyes of the Beast (Ultravision)
 Talons of the Beast (Visual/gloves)
 Earth Meld
 Shape of the Beast (Wildshape)
 Mist Form/Body of Spirit
 Flesh of Marble
 Restore the Mortal Visage (Visual)
 Mythic Form

Armor of the Abyss (O3,F3 or P3)
Echo of the Subtle Vizier (D2, O2)

Unbondable - One with this merit is immune to being blood bound. No matter how much blood you drink from other vampires, you will never be Bound to them.

Strong Blood - Your blood is especially potent. Any Kindred who tastes your blood will find it extremely rich and potent and will recognize its great strength. Any diabolist who tastes it will lust after it. You can Blood Bond someone with but two drinks of your blood.

Natural Linguist - You have a flair for languages. You may add three dice to any dice pool involving written or spoken languages.

Bad Sight - Your sight is defective. The difficulties of any die rolls involving the use of your eyesight are increased by two. As a one point Flaw, this condition can be corrected with glasses or contacts; as a three-point Flaw, the condition is too severe to be corrected.

Privacy Obsession - You must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to enter another being's dwelling without being invited (though you will go to fiendishly clever lengths to garner an unwitting invitation).

Prey Exclusion (The truly Innocent):
You refuse to hunt a certain class of prey. You might refuse to feed upon drug dealers, or policemen, or accountants, or rich people ? if you accidentally feed upon such an individual, you automatically frenzy and must make a roll to prevent Humanity loss (difficulty 7). Witnessing other Kindred feeding on the object of your exclusion might also provoke frenzy, at the Storyteller's discretion. Ventrue, owing to the limitations imposed on their feeding by their clan weakness, may not take this Flaw.

Methuselah's Thirst:
You can only feed on other kindred, the blood of mortals and animals does nothing for you. This is a very dangerous flaw, normally one possessed only by ancient kindred.
Player:Righteous Night
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human