Kinni E. Capetian

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"The moment eternal - just that and no
more ... When ecstasy's utmost we clutch
at the core ... While cheeks burn, arms open, eyes shut, and lips meet!"
Occupation:  Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
Race: Apparent Half-Elven
Age: mid 30?s
Height: 5'10
Approximate Weight: Low to Mid 90s
Eyes: Luminous large Sapphire Blue, changing to Grey, Green (depending on mood or weather)
Skin Tone: Ivory, Rosy Pale (depending on the season)
Hair:  Platinum Blonde with Ash Highlights
Build: Well-toned and fit with an hourglass figure, firm breasts, buttocks, a well-defined slim waist, and long toned legs.

Kinni is a lethal archer often seen hunting the lands with her favorite bow in hand. She is deadly quick, and her arrows seldom miss their intended targets. Some of the beings that have fallen to her in battle:

Lord of Terror: Icenfar Cathedral.
Ice Drake: Icenfar Mountain
Lord of Terror: Hivernales Abyss
Chief in Hivernales: Beastman
The Blight: Depth of Icenfar
Ender of Fate: Hall of Heroes, Icenfar

In addition to being an adventurer she loves to keep fit and takes many jogs; in fact she prefers to run most of the time over walking. Dancing, the ballet and yes even belly dancing are all some of the things she loves to do. She is also deeply passionate about her work as a fashion designer.  
Entrepreneur, Business Woman & Loving Wife

Kinni is a visionary with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit!  As with all that she does Kinni is devoted heart and mind to her profession: Fashion Design. She has an impressive list of accomplishments in the field and continues to work to come up with the very best designs for her clients. The "AGLON WHO'S WHO." speaks of some of her accomplishments as follow:

A founding member of: "AGLON GUILD OF FASHION AND DESIGNS" in North Aglon.
Co-owner: "BLISSFUL DESIGNS UNLIMITED" Office: North Aglon Guild building. Accredited member: COLLEGE OF SINFAR AND ISLANDS ARCHERY".

Her vision and entrepreneurial drive has never faded and she is working with her Husband Ace to open another store in Mur Center on the Island of Arche Terre.

Marital Status: Married and deeply in love with and totally devoted to her lover and husband Ace Capetian.

Children: None so far. If someone wants to play this role please ask. We will decide and go from there. No promises made.    
OOC IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: I am not going to list out the typical RED, YELLOW & GREEN and say the following:

I ask you to respect my right to red tag any RP or event I don?t wish for Kinni to be involved in or see as being contrary to her person. I also reserve the right to end any RP when I no longer wish to continue. I will always respect your right to do the same. We all have the right to terminate any RP with whomever we feel uncomfortable RPing with for ANY reason and no one has the right to force RP on another that is not wanted anymore. Being a game and one made for enjoyment this is something everyone needs to respect.

Having said this, Kinni will speak, time permitting, hunt and interact with anyone within limits. ERP is simply out of the question as Kinni is a happily married lady. She does not and will not engage in any sort of romance or extra-marital affairs. I will also not entertain requests to open alternative toons to RP in such a manner. So please do us both a favor and don?t ask and don?t expect. I love RP and this is what I seek, nothing more than that. Thank you for your kind attention and respect.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf