Gentle Darkness


Life is rarely easy, Gentle wanted to be a healer but discovered her talent lay in darker directions; Necromancy. She consoles herself with the thought, the magic mainly chooses you not the other way around. Often seen standing alone, not aloof, just a little socially awkward.

Not a great beauty, more aptly a handsome dark haired and rather pale bookish girl. Unusually for a sorceress the smell of dust and crumbling scrolls are a familiar scent to her, once at home in libraries and archives she has started to taste the wider worlds.... and has been delighted at being  tasted. Socially rather awkward, often being a 'wallflower' at gatherings. Possessing a smile that can light a room and transform her completely. Polite and rather diffident in public, with a natural reserve, listens more than speaks. She's developed a hunger for the wilder side as soon as she can work out what to ask for; think convent girl set loose with a lot of time to make up for but not quite sure how to go about it.

Slim and trim with a lean build, a petite and compact 5 foot 1 inch tall small bust, narrow waist her best feature she thinks is her legs

Bathroom stuff, collaring, anything permenant without permission

Gets a definite extra thrill when partners are bigger than her and move her around at will; like a plaything
Big cocks Women who know what they want, pretty girls, naughty boys. Tentacles! Shemales. Seduction, being shared, being used, you and your friend having fun, me letting you..

discovering that you have your hand in my underwear....and I'm liking it

Walkup and tell friendly, just ask, she often says yes :)

Player:Darkling Starr
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human