Patrick Winlander

Race: Human
Occupation: Warrior. Mercenary. Religious Zealot
Height: Short
Weight: Solidly built
General disposition: Changes with no notice

What to say about Patrick...To be frank, he is nuts. He suffers from delusions of divine connection to a fictitious god (He actually believes there is only one) and that this "GOD" speaks to him...

His speaking to a fictitious supreme being would not be so bad except "GOD" tells him to do things. Bad things. Things which are not only not appropriate, but quite frankly dangerous, brutal, cruel, and occasionally homicidal...

He is opinionated, a bit arrogant...But quite frankly a bit pleasant if he decides he likes you. Sadly this can change at the drop of a hat if he witnesses you do something "GOD" wouldn't approve of (He'll know. GOD will tell him) You probably wouldn't even know he had decided you need to be punished until his sword was in your back (He doesn't fight fair)


Reds: Breaking server rules. Homo stuff(God Hates homo stuff) Being submissive.

Yellows: Vampire stuff(It's kind of dull most of the time. just biting and sucking)

Greens: Adventure. RP. Rough sex. Violent sex. Rape. Degradation. Torture. Vanilla sex (If you can somehow convince him GOD doesn't hate you for suggesting it in the first place)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc