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Race: Oni, Mezu.
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown, even he is unsure.
Orientation:Females and Feminine types
Demeanor: Calm and reserved, generally doing things only after a certain amount of calculation. Still he does take the occasional risk.
Appearance: Varies from a human male, to a giant horse beast (See Below)      

       ~~At a glance~~

Human: Handsome was probably the quickest and easiest way to describe him, those boyishly  good looking features to his face weren't hard to miss, oddly symmetrical as if he was sculpted, a little too perfect to just be human. His eyes a smokey grey, catching the light glinting with a few hints of silver, gazing at those around him with a look of content. This young man stands rather tall, a few inches over six feet in height. His body was tone and fit, anyone who was able to inspect any further would notice how much lean muscle he had hidden away, and how oddly scar free his skin would be... Free of marks or spots.
His raven black hair, shimmering with a hint of red under the right light, cascaded down passed his shoulders settling far beyond his mid back.
His clothing was very similar to one would find from either Kura-tur or the lands of Rokugan, always well dressed and clean, with the scent of sakura blossoms.

Me-zu Oni: A mountain of a monster, this creature stands before you with an aura of command. A large horse's head sits on his massive shoulders, the fur a milk chocolate brown shade, his mane made of lustrous black hair, glinting a dark red in the light, falls in a queue to his lower back. His eyes crimson with a strange glint to them, gazing at those that stand before him with a look of disdain as if they ranked far below his station.
 The rest of this monster was surprisingly human in appearance as the fur had ended at the neckline blending into the chiseled muscle of a giant, broad chested and arms like boulders this monstrosity of a man was a sight to behold.

Horse: This creature seemed a bit out of place, sort of just wandering about the city as if it knew exactly where it was headed. The horse stood tall, larger than most others that have been seen around town, the fur a nice tan brown color coating the firm muscle underneath as his mane hung over his powerful shoulders.

Akanma the horse headed demon, a creature of nightmare to some and a curiousity to others, his life was meant to be that of a humble guardian but was led into chaos. Once before in the Great Oni war when he was forced to kill friend and foe alike for the order of the cosmos fell greatly out of alignment, and once more when he was exiled to the city of sin... he still believes the battlefield was easier to deal with.



!!Warning: This product contains large amounts of horse meat.!!

((Player is very Tell friendly don't be afraid to walk up and say hi, I enjoy the hell out of RP!))

Player:Grok Toru
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human