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  Nothing extraordinary about this one here. At first glance, at least. A fresh-faced human woman of small stature, with eyes so big you could drown in them. The blue-greyish, glistening orbs might steal a brief glance at her passerby, often accompanied by a faint smile soon thereafter. Those lips are fair-coloured and pillowy, glossed ever so slightly to match with her eyes' twinkle. A petite nose covered with light freckles finishes off the faultless look. Truly, the frail little thing looks as innocent as a dove.
  Although slender, the girl sports wonderful curves in just the right places. Her amply endowed bust is one that would quickly catch the onlooker's eye. However, the loose tops that she often wears will leave more than enough to the imagination. While her jeans are not much tighter, her well-rounded but not overly plump rear is still pleasingly displayed as she walks past. While Nyomi seems to put much effort in her outfits, she appears to value comfort more than showing off her blessed physique.

Don't hesitate to approach Nyomi, or send me a tell!

For lights, go here!: https://www.f-list.net/c/nyomi-sinfar
Player:Chasing Nightmares
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human