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Gabriella will get your gonads rumbling in their scrote cage so fiercely, you'll need an extra strong grip to tame those spherical cum factories. This one is a pure man eating super slut. Gabriella has got all the physical qualities of a swimsuit or lingerie model, as well as all of the mental faculties of a certified pervert and nasty-minded fuck hound. She's kind of tall, at five foot three inches, with a pair of killer legs and strong thighs. Her stomach is washboard thin while her ass is of epic curvy proportions and stuffed with juicy flesh.

Favourites: Humiliation (giving/receiving), consequences (giving/receiving), memorable characters, interesting encounters, long and developed rp.

Yellow: Permanent changes including; tattoos, scars, lost limbs, collars, pregnancy. (Give me a choice, most of these are agreeable with enough RP.)

Reds: Blank bios, Rulebreaking.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human