Elwynn Wulv

Name: Elwynn Wulv
Sex: Female
Race : Drow?.. no..   what?
Height: 4'0
Weight: 90-100 lbs
Eyes: Frosted Jade
Hair: Naturally snow white, often dyed

-Temporary/New Visual changes-

IF her tail and wings are not visible, neither are the scales that patch her skin


She is often friendly and outgoing. other times she can be heard humming happily to herself a tune that seems incomplete.

Starting from below, Elwynn has short toned legs that fit well with her size. Like the rest of her body, the skin on her legs is smooth and soft to the touch. The tattoos on her leg becoming less swirl and more jagged

Elwynn is often seen loose and baggy outfits that only seem to hide her hips, tiny waist, shapely rear end, and the other parts of her body.

A scaly tail protruding just above her behind can be seeing flicking happily from side to side in a jovial manner, more akin to a puppy then an actual Dragon in its motions.(if not shown, it is hidden either by clothes or magic)

Continuing up, her stomach is flat and smooth, free or any piercings or marks save the tribal tattoos that cover her form.

Elwynns chest was less then impressive a B cup at best. Her breast being barely a handful for the average person in Sinfar.

Like the rest of her body, her facial features match her diminutive size adding to her overall cuteness. Her face is soft and angular in appearance, with high cheek bones, and a small nose with a single small stud pierced though her left nostril. Her ears were a bit longer then a normal elves, this was aiding by the fact that they bounced slightly when she walked or turned her head too fast. they were also pierced with simply round earrings, one in the left and three on the right.

Her hair was soft to the touch and varied in colour, her hair seems to change colour every other month

Always present are a pair of tiny scaled wings that sprout from her back which she often proudly bears.(if not shown, they are hidden either by clothes or magic)

Recently her soft blue skin has taken on a more Draconian sight, visible white scale patches now dotted her body

Elwynn bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Serenity Wulv in all things but size and scars.

    Her Tattoos

The Blue weaving tattoos that cover her limbs and torso seem to bear no real significance unless scrutinized by someone with Arcane knowledge (Lore 40/Spell-craft 20) These markings are magical in nature and seem to shimmer when she is cast upon or channel magic herself (item use included) Those with knowledge of such things would recognize them as a binding ritual, connecting her spirit with the elemental planes

The Green markings which interweave with the blue also carry a faint magical aura, those of a different nature.. these markings seem to slowly twist and contort, a trick of the eye if stared at closely

Three Black tattoos have been etched into her skin at the back of her neck above her right shoulder. At the top, the Symbol of Talos, and then Auril and Umberlee each as a corner of a Triangle with Talos sitting at the top.


The air around Elwynn is much cooler then the air in the area  (unless its already cold out)This is caused by her own personal spell to keep herself comfortably cool, She is constantly sweating in warmer climates (Anything above 10 Celsius), This is caused by her own personal spell to keep herself comfortably cool

Noted changes:  A thick scar trails down from her left shoulder to just above her belly button, the wound was straight and clean.  Whatever caused it must have been sharp

The veins on her left shoulder and upper left bicep near the surface of her skin are black and green, fading slowly back to normal as they travel outward from a large puncture scar on her shoulder, a good eye with poisons may be able to tell what caused it.

Several tiny pot mark scars can be seen scattered from her left shoulder and across her chest, if it were visible

Development Rp, Relationships(both intimate and friendly) Adventure, Horror,
Dark and gritty.. take that as you will.
Casual, small talk, back story, hunting, PVP(Dice rolls)

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf