Note: Katsuki now wears a very small charm in her hair, silvery on the edges encasing a fancy looking leaf within, lashed on with silvery threads. True sight reveals a two tailed Kitsune looking girl, though a demonic aura remains.

Katsuki appears quite lithe, a natural feline gate to her, some vague hints of extra planar heritage, flawless skin, intense gaze. Physically she appears  more like she's some angel or demons daydream then anything else. Katsuki claims to be an actress, usually to be found wearing a wide variety of appearel, expensive perfumes, and luxurious make-up.

An obsession with acting often leads her down dark roads, getting lost in what she pretends to be - forgettng herself and making rather permanent decisions, her madness driving her further and further down the rabbit hole possibly with no hope of escape save to become.. what she only pretended to be. (Characters' background is based on world of darkness materials from Whitewolf, othewise plays as a DND character)

Reds: Rape, Server Rules Violations, Scat (Violations of privacy are okay in regards to the lass, doing anything beyond that is not)

Yellow: Vore (Sometimes its okay to swallow an ooze?)

Character Notes: She doesn't much care for men, tending towards women, she has issues with hermaphrodites but only in the bedroom, public nudity outside of artform offends her. Hates Pokemon.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf