Height 1.93m   Why are others still so much taller?
Race: Tiger   That was a secret!
Tail: So fluffy!!
Weight: 105kg.   Heavy bones! And all that fur...
Head:  Filled with so much great, adventurous, dangerous (and most time silly) ideas.
Gender: Male. But you could still cuddle me, if you want to.

Hello. Yes, there is really a white tiger standing in front of you. And he seems to smile... (or wants to eat you). Oh, and, by the way, his name is Cearad (he often forgets to tell people his name).

Greens: Females! And food! (No, Cearad, they want to know other things...) Oh, then all the great and funny things that are not red or yellow!

Yellow: Females who are taller than him (they are a little scary, don't you think so, too?)

Reds: Males/shemales in ERP (you already have one yourself? Uhm... Then, why want you mine?). Permadeath (Really? People wouldn't know that? Yikes.). Cages, chains, slaves, rape (I like to be a free tiger, so, why should i keep you from being free?) Blood and gore and all the stuff from the server rules (You read this all the time, right?).

Thanks for reading! Here, have a cookie and have fun with all those great people here!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human