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French, English.

Race: Drow
Gender: Female
Age: 32 (human)
Eye Color: Ruby Red
Hair Color: Snow White
Skin Color: Obsidian
Height: 179cm

A tall and slender Drow, radiating with confidence.
She looks fairly young, with a lean and toned body.
She sports luxurious long and snowy white hair, usually tied down in a messy ponytail that leaves many silky locks around her head. This unkempt hairstyle creates a stark contrast with the noble and severe features or her beautiful face.
Full and vicious red lips smirking, wide mysterious eyes of a menacing ruby colour.
Although her limbs are long and thin, her hips are wide and her legs looks powerful.
She has a delicious narrow waist and firm belly. Her chest is round and full with abundance, yet held high with the arrogance of youth.
Her hands are soft and elegant with delicate fingers ending with long and sharp red fingernails.

Red: Males ERP. Torture. Forceful actions.
Greens: Females ERP. Romance. Intrigues. Dungeons. Adventure. Conversations
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human