Katsuki appears as a lithe, tiefling, with almost unnoticable shallow breathes. She looks as the model does, though moves with a certain feline grace.

Katsuki claims to be an actress. Usually she can be found wearing a wide variety of makeup and apparel. (This character is from World of Darkness for rules defining a lot of her behavior, but otherwise runs as a DND character.)

Reds: Rape, Server Rules Violations, Scat (Violations of privacy are okay, doing anything with it beyond that is not.)

Yellow: Vore. (Sometimes its okay to swallow an ooze?)

Character Notes: She doesn't much care for men, she tends towards women, she has issues with hermaphrodites but only in the bedroom, public nudity outside of as artform offends her. Hates pokemon.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf