Lillith Allaire

Name: Lillith Zezebel
Formerly: Geralt Nasher
Race: Succubus
Sex: Female
Hair: Scarlet
Age: 20
Bust: C
Height: 5'4" (May vary)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Ascetics: Beautiful for a human or elf, below average for a succubus. Flawless skin, barbed tail, the whole nine yards. Wings, horns, tails, the whole thing. Her tongue has a black mark on it, another adorns her mound over her sex, and a third adorns her back, a massive binding seal.

The tiniest biography:  wizard dude who dun' goofed with a genie! And now a bound she-demon, who likes being hawt. And has a love hate relationship with their fate. They had it coming too for their dreams of world domination!

White:  I have a severe roleplay fettish, sex scenes don't interest me without context.
Green: Women, men, transgender, abusive to sweet and loving relationships. Aggressive, to cuddly sex. Open voyeurism. Being put on display. Furries, weebs, vampires. Submissive, or near 'equals'. Charm spells, love spells. Sexual harassment! (Go ahead grab her ass! Bump into those boobs! Even if you're in the yellows this is fine; tell her terribly dirty things about where you want to stick you're zombie rotted bones! Steal those cloths... flip her skirt make her shriek... cry and freak out).
Yellow: Shemale/hermaphrodite/strongly intersexed (more then a real person might be), assume if she's showing more then casual interest its okay. Scissoring, anal. Public Sex. Zombies, skeletons, anything decaying. Vore (It depends a -lot- on the details.) Complete domination of the mind through magic. Bad english - I'll let you know. Some very monsterous characters - I'll let you know.
Red: Outright rape (mind control to go on a date is very fun, intoxication is fine, forced sex via mind/body is not; illusions and being lied to is okay), scat beyond violating privacy, dismemberment (wings, tails and horns are okay). Beastiality w/ actual animals. Plotting things out OOC more then just 'where to be' with few exceptions (Adding in character history in the past 100% A-okay, love it... whether or not she can be summoned is fine... but talking about if I want to just blatently cyber totally ruins my white! - I won't hate you for asking though I'll just say no however.).If you or your character want to do something on your 'reds' take it off your reds first.

Kinky things: Hair grabbing, aggresive kissing, abusive teasing, making her tell the 'painful' truth with magic, groping. Demonic contracts ALL the demonic contracts!

Character Notes: Borrowed a lot from some other players here, from things that seemed fun, I'm quite open to adding more if something seems really fun! Also its fine to white knight and save her. As a character premise however she's supposed to be bound to someone, if thats a paladin, thats fun, if thats a demon, thats fun. If its "you're free now do what you want" ... she's probably gone. So it's supposed to be pretty hard to get that result. But I love playing things out too so if you think you can do it well go ahead. - Warning: She comes with extensive IC documentation.

Inspirations/influences: 'Pet' (Super Heavily! Don't get mad!), Bonnie BD69F, Jade, Elizabeth (purple fox one), Veraia, and others!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf