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~~Human shape~~
Rivian is a young woman, standing at 5 feet 10 inches above the ground. She is in her mid-twenties, fit and spry. Her hair is black, with a few white streaks in the front. Those white tresses fall over her youthful face, concealing its right side. The visible eye is grass green, lined with dark kohl. The lips are full, often painted with dark cherry lipstick.

Yet should one move the white tresses aside, it becomes apparent why the woman seeks to conceal the side of her face. As a result of an old vicious burn, the skin of her right cheek and eyelids of her right eye is red hardened scar tissue. The eye itself is murky white and lifeless.

Her right hand is ruined too - most likely she got the trauma by trying to cover her face from some acidic burst. The young woman's pinky and ring fingers suffered the most, they are crooked and not moving well. Rivian can be spotted flexing her digits all the time.

Occasionally she wears her full plate with markings of the Order of Drakkar, keeping her weapons close.

~~Dragon shape~~
Born of Hellfire, this adult hellfire wyrm is an impressive sight to behold. The dragon is adorned with numerous sharp spikes growing from the back of its skull, neck, and along the spine all way to the tip of its tail.

The skin is lava-like, ever-shifting, with flashes of fire breaking through here and there. Large wings sprout from the creature's back. The maw is full of sharp dagger-like fangs.

Tendrils of smoke escape the beast, the air around the wyrm heats up noticeably. Riv is more relaxed now about revealing her true form, finally embracing her nature.

~~Halfdragon shape~~
Finally able to merge her draconic and human shapes, Rivian cuts an imposing figure. She is even taller in this shape, standing at 6'3". The head is crowned with four sets of spike-like horns protruding through a wild mane of black tresses. A streak of white rests just above her brow.

The skin is of a dark hue of red, her body, wings, and face are covered with patches of bright scales of the color of molten lava. She displays them proudly. The wyrm's eyes are bright orange and burning. The dark expressive lips part some, baring rows of sharp white fangs.

The dragonkin is likely more intimidating than attractive - but again, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Her aura is fully ba'atorian now, pure and powerful, though one can tell she is not a devil. Creatures with a keen sense of smell could feel the faintest scent of sulfur and brimstone lingering about her. A symbol of Tiamat adorns her armor.

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-Straight. (Exceptions are possible, but require some helluva good engaging RP)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human