Spanky Licorice

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Warning! Hermaphrodite/futanari alert!

Era: Medieval
Race: Centaur
Age: 21
Sex: Appears female
Height: 5'9
Build: Voluptuous, soft.
Occupation: Show pony
Penis size: 16" x 4"
Personality: Submissive, calm, polite.
Theme music: Pony (Ginuwine)
MDA build: Heartwarder

Raised from birth as what many would consider a 'slave,' she is not a person so much as a pet. In some parts of the world, there are entire ranches dedicated to the training and selling of 'pony girls.' She is one of such; a well groomed, conditioned, and purebred centauress designed to serve her owner in a variety of ways. Far too expensive and classy for mere manual labor (beyond pulling carts, and other light tasks), show ponies like herself are a display of affluence, a concubine, and a sexual fetish.

She is no doubt beautiful by human standards, outside of her exotic lower body. Lusciously smooth skin is adorned with decorative and tasteful tattoos, making her into a moving work of art. Her lovely face is framed by long, raven hair. Rather unremarkable dark brown eyes reside over a pretty nose and thick, pouty lips. Beneath that rests her lightly heaving, heavy bosom. A stunning example of womanhood, these fluffy globes are swollen with nourishing milk; the production of which is a subject of pride for many pony owners.

The lower half of her body is expertly kept, dotted with deer-like white spots. Taut muscle beneath a brushed coat, strong as any horse ought to be. Between her legs is a generous helping of genitalia. A hermaphroditic mix of male and female bits present themselves at all times. Her pussy is virgin and pristine. Tender, pink, and lightly glossed with moisture. Though she would be ideal for breeding, those who raised her see fit to save that option (and privilege) for the buyer. In contrast, her asshole is thick, rubbery, and heavily wrinkled; the signs of a butt slut. As part of her design is a sexual partner, she's been thoroughly trained in anal sex.

Likewise her cock has seen a great deal of use, but not at the hands of any partner (and certainly not by herself, as she can't reach it). Pony cum is another valuable asset and point of pride. She is milked daily, and her weighty balls undergo tender stimulation to encourage their swelling and growth. Otherwise, she's got a typical horsecock; massive, heavy, and dangerous, with a flared tip that can be as difficult to remove as it is to insert.

Healthy and eager to please, the show pony dubbed 'Spanky Licorice' is currently available for trial. Will /you/ take on the responsibilities and pleasures of this womanly creature?

Favorites: Consecutive RP. BDSM. Dominant/top men, switch dickgirls and femboys. Send a tell for more.

Don't like: Casual sex. Poor English. Submissive partners. Females. Send a tell for more.

100% /tell friendly! (:
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown