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Race: Devil (Brachina)
Name: Azaerysh
Align: LN

A young looking woman walks past, moving with grace, surety, and sensuality. She stood just under five feet tall. She had pale white skin, accentuated by her long silky hair with a pastel pink dusting. The air around her was slightly cooler than the rest of the atmosphere. It was as if she brought the winter with her. She wore form fitting clothes that were tight against her ample bust and her derrière. In both pointed ears she wore three small gorgeous gold earrings. Her gentle curved brows turned with an unpronounced arch leading to a dainty nose and thick lashes that bat sweetly over eyes that were deep pools that seemed to draw the weak-willed in although their souls protest. A strange sort of energy seemed to buzz around her. The aura was not quite elven. There was that about her... Well, that and the semi-prehensile tail protruding from her spine that was tipped with a wicked spade stinger.

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GREENS: Adventures, RP, RP DM quest, Voyerism, Give.

YELLOWS: Everything Else

REDS: Gore, Vore, Death, Toiler things, Extreme Pain and Torture.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human