Jaelillo Rinwood

Bio in progress
Son of  Aruni Rinwood & Slust
This  tall dark and handsome man  can be seen walking about the streets in  sinfar yes it may be a bit lost as he doesnt known the area well. Someone  told him that his father Lives here on the island in fact it was told too him by his mother he resides in  Rii Nor Vertan  Long  dark hair  cascades down his back . His  eyes are almond shaped  and light  blue. HIs hair woudl be  kept in a neat little pony tail on the back of his head but most of it would now   be hanging loose down his  back. grew up with some manners and has learned too respect all of the people alike no matter  who they might be, humans , elves,  devils, and demons.This  young man would  most  resemble his mouther with the long dark hair and  the dark skin  as well .

Greens: Long term  rp ,monogamy, Life Mate, Anal(Giving only ), Oral, Spanking, Flirting,  risk of pregnancy Lengthy Rp ,(I do tend too post alot  when it comes too inimate sceens)   rough play, Biting, Romance, cuddling, Female of all kinds, Seduction, Kidnapping, Rp Conflict
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human