Aruna Kathrita

Name: Aruna Kathrita
Goes by: Miss Kathrita, Lady Kathrita,
Heiress to House Kathrita
Witch of House Kathrita.

Home: Lotus Isles. (Born, and raised)
Parents: Silinde and Marcus Kathrita
Occupation: Heiress?
Orientation: Prefers men, exclusively.
Relationship: Seen in the company of others regularly, but she doesn't confirm nor deny anything.

Aruna stands at about 5'2", although this is frequently bolstered by heels, unless she was garbed in her 'armour'. She was slight of build, although she had womanly curves, they were not large nor spectacular. Her figure was thin, slender and waifish.

Delicate in her features, and structure. Aruna was often half poised, like a dancer ready to launch into their next movement. However, her slender, thin frame could easily be seen as delicate. Her typically fair, symmetrical features would likely only aid in this assumption. When this was applied with her skin which bore no blemish, it would be clear that Aruna had likely never experienced any physical labour or hardship.

Her delicate features and luxurious life were likely to be further enhanced as one examined closed. Her nails were always manicured, and painted a blue so dark it was almost black. Her nails, matched her hair. She almost never wore makeup, which hinted at her half drow origins, although her lips were naturally dark. Her almond shaped, electric blue eyes, were adorned by long, dark, lashes.

When Aruna spoke, her voice was soft. Not over high in pitch, it went a miraculous spectrum of contralto to mezzo-soprano. Furthermore, she spoke with a tone of authority. This seemed to be unconscious on her behalf, more the result of an upbringing where she was obeyed without question.

Essentially all of her clothing was made, specifically, for her family. Often the designs she wore, were unavailable to the general public. They also revealed her toned figure, and frequently did not inhibit movement.  Upon her fingers there were frequently a number of exquisitely made, bespoke rings.

Known stuff:
- She is a high ranked member of the Lotus Island Aristocracy.
- As a noble of the Lotus Isles, she was tutored under and by the Wu Jen Monestry. While she excelled at her studies (assisted by private tutelage at her home), this was her first part of mandatory LI Noble children being in service to a temple or the army.
- She was also made to serve a second enlistment with the LI imperial army.

- She is allegedly worth a relatively large fortune.


Reds: Women, server rules, the usual stuff.

If you want to try it, try, but be warned it may very well not go your way, and she can be one vindictive woman.

Leans Dominant.

If I appear afk, I'm often not, so much as I'm looking at something else during a down time
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf