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Hard to place this rarity of a vixen seemingly teeming with raw elemental chaos. This spitfire of a creature is a vision of beauty, but as unpredictable as the dormant volcanoes themselves. Her intent, her reasons for being in the realm of Sinfar of all places...unknown. What is clear is that while usually tempered, her personality, her mannerisms and interactions with others are at best volatile, constantly fluctuating though not necessarily unpleasant.

Standing at the lower end of average height for her apparent race at 5'7" with a curvaceous, dancer's build; her toned muscles not detracting from her femininity. Her mid-back length hair consisting of vibrant, fiery red-orange hues that harmlessly sends sparks flying as said locks softly frame the two fiery orange orbs that make up her eyes. Pursed upon her countenance are a pair of luscious ruby red lips from which can be heard a soft, sassy voice that carries charm, wit, and a sharp snap-sizzle of a tone when agitated. Her loose and usually sheer clothing which she often wears for maximum comfort and to show the world the pride of her form revealing both her tangerine-hued, bronzed, silky, flawless skin, her full, hourglass figure, and if one looks close enough the strange markings known in her tongue as szuldar that appear in vibrant oranges, reds, yellows, and even purples seemingly illuminating her entire form. Said figure sports a sumptuous, toned rear and a set of full, perky C-cup breasts with darker bronzed nipples that point slightly upward invitingly. She always seemingly smells of desert flowers and the subtle searing and burning of flames; scents that seem to waif in the air about her. She always moves with the fluid grace and flexible agility of a long trained dancer, mostly because that is among her talents. Despite the aire of confidence she carries herself and speaks with, there is a certain sensual allure about her. Far as anyone looking can tell she appears a woman in her early twenties, her true age along with the truth of her race something one will have to earn her trust to get her to divulge.

Here now within the realm of Sinfar, Rhaenyra is rarely without her companion ever at her side. However, the woman will not speak openly of her past nor where she most recently departed from. If there is anything in particular she seeks, she's rather secretive about it. What adventures she now undertakes remains to be seen and it is from here the story unfolds...

Side note: True form will only be discovered through RP and the development of trust between characters or she is spurred to full-blown anger and rage in which case, Gods help you if you are the source of it...

"I Am The Fire"- Halestorm
"Let Us Burn"- Within Temptations
"Fire Meets Gasoline"- Sia

Keep in mind with this PC what you see is what you get. However the avatar appears on screen when one is engaging her, that is what they are dealing with at that time. Far as lights go simple, RP it out and I'll speak up if it's headed toward something I'm not kosher with, I expect the same. I'm down to take things to dice rolls if need be.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human