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"You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.  Sometimes its feast.  Sometimes its famine. Til the day is done, you don't know which it is gonna be. *hefts his blade to his shoulder and takes a drag.* Alright boys and girls, smoke em if you got em and lets get this shit over with." - Jesk

Thing is Gonna Hurt - Sixx AM
Heavy - Glorious Sons
Bring it - Trapt
Deal With the Devil - Pop Evil
Nuclear - Nik Ammar
Lengendary - Skillet

Race: Tiefling/ Half-Fang Dragon
Age: Looks the equivalent of a human in their early 20s
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Wingspan: 12'

With a light crimson hue this man's skin seems to be adorned in tribal runes and tattoos.  His raven hair sweeps back in a set of long dreads. The under side of his eyes seem to bare a line or dark blood ruby tribal markings.  his shoulders, elbows and forehead bare horns each of which comes to a fine point.  All of the said horns sweep back sleekly against the hair or skin as to contour to his masculine physique.  Speaking of his physique, his biceps were well defined and in a true showing of lineage, he was able to easily lift three times what he looked like he could.  Often he could be found with a sly smirk. No telling what mischievous thoughts were lurking behind those piercing emerald eyes.  His chest had the very definition of a man that enjoyed his work and he didn't mind flaunting it from time to time.  His legs, much to his relief, resembled the more natural nature of a human, though he was far from such.  Just above his taunt ass was a long tail that extended out a good 4 feet ending in a pointed spade.  Sprouting from his back is a set of burnt red leathery wings.  Adorned along the ridge of those wings, which unlike his draconic cousins could hold him aloft should the need arise, were spikes and scaled plating.  

The runes covering the majority of his body seems to be infernal in nature.  The runes seem to fade into leopard print tattooing upon his forearms.  He also has a nose ring in his right nostril.

 All in all this mercenary's demeanor was pretty easy going, if not a bit snarky.  But just like playing hard, when it comes down to business, he is one to work hard too.  Speaking of business, it can range from a bit of heavy lifting to taking a hit. . . long as the price is right of course.

Full Name: Jesk'di'wer'akhlaur'mire'kluchud'di'wer'ba'atorian'ixenic'di'uoinota

I prefer to let rp drive the story but I do have a few things I that I do consider to be red lights, such as mixed genders in erp, and will address if an rp seems to be heading toward such.  I am very tell friendly so feel free to shoot me a tell if you have questions.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human