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Long had this creature served as one of Lolth's chosen handmaidens.  Long had she labored tirelessly to bring the word of the Spider Queen to the scum of the surface and the heretics of her people's chosen domains.  She lasted some twenty years as a high-ranking figure in Lolth's church before being teleported, against her will, to Sinfar.  

Her form was slim, slender and overwhelmingly feminine:  characteristic of the beauty that her race was as renowned for as its cruelty.  Lined with more than its fair share of slender, toned musculature, it seemed as though the creature's former life had been one of such magnificent opulence that she cultivated it less for its own sake rather than out of any level of obligation.  Her bust and hips were quite modest, and generally concealed beneath a dark cassock bearing the telltale insignias of spiders and webbing all over, as if to make the woman's source of powers even more readily apparent.

Her face was generally contorted into a mask of disgust: the purplish hue of her lips pressed thin into a line at the sight of whatever degenerate nonsense she happened to be exposed to, her bright white eyebrows furrowed in and narrowing the glimmering crimson hues of her eyes into disgusted slits.  

If one were to notice her face when it was not in such a state, they'd be treated to the sight of of full, plush lips, extremely sharp, symmetrical facial features, save for a scar that trailed down across her lip.  Her ears often twitched some, as though they were particularly receptive to the goings-on around her, and her eyes were almost never stationary in her skull.  Up close, her skin smelled faintly of some sharp perfume, while her clothes smelled thickly, cloyingly, of incense and magical components doubtlessly used in hundreds of foul and vile incantations.

Character is going to start as a reasonably traditional portrayal of a Drow.  That is to say, she's going to be very angry, abrasive, abusive, and treat "inferior races" with general disdain. However, I'm quite tell friendly and not an abrasive, abusive bitch like Sin'Thrallia,
and welcome communication OOCly.

Transformation.  Bimboification.  Cruelty.  Enemies of the Drow (Humans, Elves, Halflings, Celestials, etc.) Abuse.  Torture.  Slowly being stripped of who she is.  Being domesticated (maid or slave training in particular).  Pregnancies.  Long-term scenes.  Being enslaved.  Latex.
Orgasm Control/Denial.  Oral/Anal sex.
Complete vaginal neglect.  Psychological abuse.  Hypnosis.  Males, Shemales.  Extremely dominant females.  Bad endings.  Seriously, she's an insane, brutal, cruel creature.  She deserves the worst you can do to her.

Herms.  Partners that treat her well.  Submissives (she's more likely to disgregard people that she can walk all over).  Poor skill with the English language (Exceptions can and will be made if the scene is good enough).  Changing her skintone.  Scat.  Vore.  Blood, guts, and gore.  Most anthros/furries/monster races.  
I'm not completely adverse, but ask first.

PUBLIC SCENES/EXHIBITIONISM - I HAVE NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN SCENES TRANSPIRING IN PUBLIC.  Excessive gore.  Hard vore.  Gender transformation (Sin'Thrallia is meant to stay as a full female). Tender, loving scenes.  The Sun.
Player:An Extremely Angry Cave Elf
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human