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Elexa used to fancy herself as a demure, gentle, goodie-two-shoes kind of girl, but a few years of Sinifer has shown her the delusions of that idea. She comes off as more withdrawn when not in the company of friends, but when she is, she exudes an apparent warmth and affection towards them.

While her build is still athletic, her figure and temperament would come over, somewhat more motherly, covering her sensual and darker desires. Those that are magically inclined; would likely feel something is amiss around Elexa.

Recently she seems detached from the world around her, her eyes subconsciously flicking to the places where people were standing earlier.

Height ~ 5'2"
Build ~ Petite/Athletic
Eyes ~ Red
Hair ~ Shimmering White Dyed Black & Purple
Skin ~ Pale, needs to get more sun
Race ~ Mixed Elf / Human Asian heritage
Sex ~ Female
Size ~ 32C 26" 36
Status ~ Polyamorous / Open Relationships
Orientation ~ Sub/switch, bi/lesbian

Greens: Romantic Role Play, Being approached, Playful, Feminine+ Partners, Adventurous and willing to try many things, just RP to find out.

Amber: Monogamous relationships.

Reds: Vore, Gore, Poor Hygiene, Non-con, Mutilation, Ownership, and anything against server rules.

Last Update ~ 09th September 2023
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf