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Vixtor appears to be a High Elf, but something just doesn't seem quite right about him.  For starters, his skin has a deep blue hue to it that is not seen amongst people of his kind.  He also does not emanate the aura of goodness and purity that is characteristic of his kind.  But most of all, perhaps, his eyes betray the truth about him.  

One look into his cold, dark eyes, with their hollow, empty stare, is enough to send a shiver through the hardiest adventurer.  One might surmise that he's been corrupted by some foul, evil presence, doomed to forever wander the planes in search of the piece of his soul that was torn from him.. perhaps during some ritual of powerful, dark magic.

Vixtor is often seen in the presence of another High Elf bearing a resemblance to him, albeit uncorrupted and pure.  One might suspect that these two are related, perhaps even siblings, the resemblance is so uncanny.  It almost seems as though his companion is watching over him, handling the more mundane matters of daily life about which Vixtor no longer seems to care.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf