Wyld Tevris

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Name: Wyld
Race: Forest Kitsune
Sex: Male (Bi-sexual)
Class: Druid

Often seen either as a fox, innocently sniffing about with his tongue hanging loose from his mouth, or curiously poking around strange things as a deer, he carries himself with a humorous, almost dopey, attitude. When he is in his humanoid form, however, Wyld stands around five foot seven and weighs around a hundred and twenty five pounds, with brown hair and a face that was almost pretty, forever wearing the mischievous grin you always suspected he wore when he was an animal. Generally seen in a pair of shorts he has soft, semi-defined abdominal muscles adorning his tummy with an artist's rendition of musculature on his arms, and a surprisingly perky butt that shifts side to side when he bounces about whatever has caught his interest. Around his neck was a collar, with two words: "Rafe's Wyld." The collar itself looked ridiculously expensive, though at a glance it seemed mere adornment-not magical. He also had a gold earring poking through his left ear, oddly positions on the top of the ear rather than the bottom as one might expect. Humorously, if one caught him in the nude -a not uncommon occurrence- he had the words "Rafe's Ass" tattooed on his butt.

As he wandered here and there, one would often see leaves or twigs tangled in his long hair, his feet muddy, and lines of dirt streaking his skin from his misadventures in the forest. Despite that, he generally smelled nice-usually of forest pine and the after scent of expensive soaps. That wasn't always the case though. Some days he was spotless, and maybe even well dressed-though whenever he wore more than his comfy shorts he was quite agitated, shifting his weight from foot to foot and rubbing his shoes together as if he was trying to wash them off his feet.

Despite it all, Wyld's eyes hold a wisdom well beyond what anyone would suspect in a creature so playful as he, with a conviction few could match when he'd settled his mind on a thing. As happy-go-lucky and unassuming as he tends to be, it's easy to forget Wyld's claws are as sharp as his shamanistic magic is powerful.

Wyld is a male, he plays with males and females.  


(Can you redlight a whole area? I don't know but anything Saban.  That is I'd rather not rp in Saban and I won't become involved in any rp that includes the ruler/builder of that area.  If you have a home there, I don't mind, I just won't role-play there.  I don't like the idea of god rulers who can arrange their surroundings to fit with what they want to accomplish in character.  For example, deleting a player home because they don't like that person, lol)

Anything against server rules.  Scat, Vore. OOC or IC Jealousy (catfights with jealous people .. not fun. Many other things I"d rather do, including share *grin*).  Scheduling play outside of IC.  OOC possessiveness, this is creepy ... just no.  Romance, falling in love.  Perma-death, any physical changes without prior consent. Some things would be discussed in-game if we pass general rp or as they come up.

Yellow: Crowds, I do have trouble with crowd situations but at the same time I do enjoy being pushed a bit.

Green: Men, females .. general RP, random chats, above all making friends and storyline play, non-con play .. far more then I've listed here. Feel free to approach and talk to her. Most things are "find out in-game or by simply asking me"
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf