Name - Liz
Owner-  Vanessa, High Whip of Loviatar
Guild: Hellfire


Born as slave cattle for a group of Slave smuggler's you started your life out in a bad way, after fighting and not behaving due to all the harsh living and fighting to stay alive you found yourself on a ship bound for a land to be sold off and possibly
worked to death in a mine. After about six years at sea you were working the ship deck moping as the ship had come to close to Darkmist shores. Striking a rock in the water and starting to sink down into the depths panic and tossing of cargo started. Most of the slaves
were tossed over how ever during the panic you were knocked out, Once the waters had taken the ship you were claimed by the sea. The fate's having a different idea then you dying you washed up on the shores of a eastern back near old church road. After some time later moments, hours, days, you don't know a woman found you and took pity wrapping you in a large cloak taking you back to her home and nursed you back to health as well as collared you as her to repay back the debt of her saving your life as she had.
over the next few years you were trained to please, cook, clean, as well as other odd jobs needed for the family or to aid your new owner.
until one day your mistress come to you and pulled you aside, "I must go away on a trip for my job pet. you will be here under the care of rose until my return, you are to obey her as you do me and I understood" was what she said to you before having you agree and depart for her job. That was nearly 4 years ago now that she told you this. Thinking better to go out and find her you set out after arguing with rose
over it, you only ever set out at night when traveling Darkmist and the areas around the woods as your dark fur made it easy to hide form guards or other people whom would seek you to do harm. during your time out you come across a wolf with deep red marks across the fur.
looking at it you found yourself into a fight with it. after a large amount of effort and some loss of blood due to wounds you beat the wolf killing it however something happens to you. Things about you changed slowly at first it was small things making a flame go out here and there to making fires go out and come to life at will. but it did not stop there you could bend the elects as will. Rose being as wise as she was found out and forced you to only train on them when alone and none was around for your own safety. However, did not stop you from seeking your mistress out, you started using the earth to fully hide as you moved about unseen seeking your owner, to make sure she was ok and unharmed.
doing this for the next three weeks you got consumed looking for your mistress and not hearing rose when she told you to stay, you even got so bold to move in the day light hours. one day you awoke to find you could not leave your wards were placed across your body bounding you to the will of your mistress and her wish for you to stay home. it was three days later she returned home at last....
After some time at home passed you found your self alone once again then departed what use to be your home. You moved to the ?Outer Isles? and joined a guild by the name of Hellfire. Having served there for some time you passed your time in happiness again but even this pass was to lead to a fail. You found your self alone again the guild nobles left, after some time you attempted to take up the lead on the guild to keep it up and going however after some time just like before you found it bare and facing a failing again, After this you left and went to the abyss to review and find yourself once more. A large amount of time within the abyss passed by your life before a spark of a thought crossed your mind. ?Wow was the guild you once knew? Did the Nobles ever return? Or even more of a worry to you, would you be allowed back after all this time?? all crossed your mind in turn.
You decided to go back to be met by Mistress Alissa whom you spoke to and found she did not see any reason you could not come back, after being told what you needed to do you followed the commands and found a collar of the guild back on your neck once more. This is where your story is at current and only time will tell what is left to come your way
-=Collar Info=-

Collared: Vanessa, High Whip of Loviatar

Red Lights:

- anything against server rules
- gore/vore/scat/vomit/bathroom play
- extreme torture/mutilation.
- Metagaming
- God Modding

Yellow Lights:

- strong injury/physical violence/torture
- permanent stuff/lasting changes
- permanent enslavement/permanent
- voyeurism
- rape (Must Accept Ic Consequents)
- Males in anything beyond friendship
- Submissive Partners
- Hermaphrodites & She-males
- Torture
- Transformation {Need Good Rp}

Green Lights:

- progressive RP/character development
- immersive RP/plot-driven/adventure
- dominant partners/being captured/captivity
- mild injury/violence
- bondage, gags, blindfolds
- romantic captivity, romantic bondage
- long-term RP
- Romance
- Slapping {Good Luck if not owner]
- Spanking
- Semi-Public Scenes
- Pet Play {giving)
- Corruption

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human