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Name : Orage
Race : Human
Age : appears mid thirties
Gender : Male
Orientation : Straight
Height : 6'1''
Weight : ~200 lbs.
Eyes : Emerald
Hair : Jet-black

Here is a well-built man, with a fine face, his emerald gaze pierces between locks of long jet-black hair. Each of his movements demonstrates a precise balance of his body at every moment. His muscles are clearly noticeable under his light clothing. He seems built in flexibility without really lacking physical strength.


My melancholy is transient. Look, watch my sorrow turn into hatred, watch me. What can affect me if I am already dead? What an illusion that life, since it exists only to be lost? Why give others a hold on me? What a madness! So, let's burn, it's effective. More effective than the walls. The walls are always falling. Pillage is inevitable. But what can they steal if everything is in ashes?

The brazier is still young, scarcely the first flames lick the pyre. And yet what a pain! Let us blow, let us blow on these nascent embers, laugh, laugh, as return is no longer possible. Let's go to the end. Let us throw ourselves into this purifying fire, for if it hurts us, it is the last to be able to do it. Arms up to the sky, let us go with the flood of flames, show them the way. You who look, turn away your face from this unbearable heat, cover yourself, impious, for the miracle is accomplished.

It's over, I have nothing left that they can take me, said the Blessed One.

But you have nothing more to give, scream the millions of the damned voices.

And yet, I saw a tree growing. It drew strength from the ashes of his fathers and his blood rain from the sky.

Leave me tonight. Leave me, please.
Just make sure tomorrow I'm still alive.

(Lights to be find IC)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human