Jiala'in Duanda

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Height: 5'5"
Complexion: Dark Grey
Eye Color:  Red
Build: Average Elven
Hair: Bone White

Jiala'in seemed a typical Drow male with a smirk. An oral fixation inclined him to press and poke his tongue against the walls of his mouth on occasion.

His voice and demeanor were pleasant enough, though his smile and laughter seemed a bit off.

Often wearing darker hues, his fashion usually linking him in some way to the Underdark either through materials or style. Typically he would be clad in leathers.

Most likely he would be wearing spell components in pouches about his belt.



Traditional Drow females.
Traditional Elven females.
Thematic Accuracy.
Realistic physiques (breasts, etc)
Characters with In Character agendas.


Females, Vanilla, BDSM, Femdom, Maledom, Torture, Experiments, Slaves, Forced


Long-term slavery (needs discussion), Relationships, Groups (I don't mind group scenes, including with males, but they can also randomly make me uncomfortable.)


She-males, Herms and any other gender mixture stuff, Vore (erotic), Animals, Halflings, Toilet stuff as well.


Tells welcome, this character is looking for:

+ Longer term slaves typically of the Elven variety but others are acceptable.

+ Other mages/wizards or just general evil types to chill with.

+ Although he isn't looking for a Drow female to boss him around, I am potentially open to it:).

Romancing this character will prove difficult, if not impossible. You have been warned. Jiala'in as your character's boyfriend will likely be a nightmare.

Also note, he will typically not be out and about during the in world day.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf