A short petite stature elvish girl stand before you. She looks about her surrounding with a cheerful desposition. Her small frail frame is quite common among elvish villagers. Soon enough, as your continual stare-she turns back to look at you. Smiling, hoping that you would atleast approach her. . . Won't you?


As you examines her carefully,
Height: 5'4'-5'5, a head shorter than most elven kind
Frame: Slender and slim, reminds you of youth. She looks rather light for her weight

Chest: adorned with two orbs, as with many females however she spots two firm but small breasts perhaps at one guess it might be A'cup.

Mid-riff: Slim and small waist

Her pelvis: sports a small thigh gap as she trots about

Her legs: rather short but slender none-the-less

IC to find out more :)

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As with most Reds, I am aagain'st with any that breaks the rule.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf