Roderick Drachenblaunt

A handsome and friendly smile that hiddes the true intentions of the large man with gray hair, always with a devilish look on his eyes hinting that something its cooking inside his mind.

A strong body that strains against the tight clothing of his choosing matching his rugged looks, his sparkling silver eyes and a beard that ressit to grow up into a full one, mantaining a stubble appereance always, with his oddor mixing the cheap tobbaco with his own musky traveled scent.

A particular quirk of this man would be the oversized, quite large and almost ridiculous for his frame bulgde that appears on his pants, always on semi-dispaly as he flaunts it without a hint of shame, tucked between the fabric and  always in an unconfortably tight space that he seems to favor, with his actions mixing up not actively pointing out yet showing off at every time.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human