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Morrigna: A fey?

 She stands at a reasonable 5'8", give or take slightly, based upon her heels. While slender, Morrigna manages to boast a slender hour glass figure, curvaceous due to the gentle tapering of her waist, which lends to the elegant  curves she has.
Her legs, however, are long. It would be impossible to say they are not as slender as the rest of her.
She seems to take great care with her movements, not wasting them, and as a result, she maintains all the grace a dancer could wish for. Every step has a slight bounce to it, accompanied by a slight sway of her hips.

Despite this, she never settles upon the entirely of her feet. Instead, it seems as though there is always a boot heel (even when she is barefooted) which keeps the arches and heels of her feet from the ground.

 Moving from her figure to her face, reveals features which are nearly painfully delicate. In most respects her features do resemble the delicate nature attributed to many fey creatures. Her cheek bones, lips, nose, eyes all as though one took care to carve them to a delicately refined, very symmetrical state. Her lips not overly full, but almost always a rose or darker red.
 Her hair often tumbles in waves over her shoulders and about her face. Kept clean and of a deep raven black hue. Those waves give way to extremely loose ringlets down her back, while never a hair is out of place, it also manages a 'just-tousled' effect.

 Yet her eyes for those who know her, are no longer quite so disturbingly odd to others. Her eyes are almond shaped orbs, but they no longer flickers a variety of opalescent colours- now they stay only the same shade of blue. A deep, strikingly clear, ocean blue.

 The golden aura about her, while near omnipresent does occasionally dim or brighten. Bright as it is, it barely extends beyond her physical figure, lighting her but not spreading as much as normal light does.

 Clothing wise, Morrigna has her tastes. Usually designed to fit her figure near perfectly, hugging it. Or to tactfully reveal and hide parts of her, often flaunting glimpses of her legs, arms, or more.

Things of Note (this can/will change):

* Around her neck hangs a single, dark, feather. She never removes it for any reason at all.
* She often wears expensive jewellery, but never any gold.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf