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2: Disclaimer/OOC note
3: Lights (yay)

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Before you stands a short, fat-arsed and big-titted, half-drow, with dusky gray skin, a heart-shaped face, ruby red eyes and a soft, stacked body of voluptousness that was even more appearant due to her short stature. Her long, snowy white hair cascades almost all the way down to the small of her back. Where it ends, the swell of her by drow measurements undeniably fat bubble butt is a tight fit for any and all would be clothing she wears. This was further accentunated by her wide-pronounced child-bearing hips.

With a slender neck, shoulders and back, it seemed evident that the latter must truly lament the sheer size and weight of those large, but consquently heavy and not particularly firm dusky gray tits of hers, which looked proportinally even larger than their already considerable size due to the short stature of the woman. She seemed altogether soft and not at all particularly strong, or intimidating for that part. Her large, guileless ruby red eyes keeps darting warily about, and she gives off an air of being a very demure and easily intimidated thing.


Hello, while I am a roleplayer at heart and very much enjoy storylines and non SRP, that is not the reason for why I play on Sinfar. I tend to pursue my more traditional RP interests elsewhere, so when I am logging in to play on Sinfar I am purusing.. Yes you guessed it, SRP! I don't mind if there are some more traditional RP elements attatched, but I am truly here looking for SRP, and long term dark storylines/character development heavily focused on SRP. Short term or random rape in the alley without follow-up doesn't interest me much, sorry!

Furthermore, I write a lot! Many, many years of roleplaying has helped me develop my writing a lot, and when in a scene, I tend to write multiple, long paragraphs of detailed and intricate descriptions that involve more than simply what my girl says or does, and I prefer (E)RP partners who do the same. Sorry to you who prefer more fast-faced paced, back and forth emotes, I just don't! ^.^


Before I list my lights, I wanted to add that Evynne is meant for darker themed setups. No lovey-dovey or snuggly stuff please!

Whites: Please try to include at least some of  these aspects if you want to play with me :)

Multiple descriptive, detailed paragraphs of naughtiness in SRP. Bad Ending (for my girl). Long-term. Slavery (non-con). Sexism. Rape (non-con). Breeding (non con). Pregnancy. Vaginal. Anal. Verbal abuse. Sexual objectification. Sexual exhaustion. Gaping/Stretching. Rough, hard (not neccessarily realistic) SRP. Dominant, evil and perpetually horny and abusive masters/owners/partners. Humiliation (Private). Forced nudity/dress code. Normal races. Bestial races. Brutal characters and races. Relationship RP with heavy sexual emphasis. Abduction/Imprisonment. Going multiple times.

Greens: This list is too long to actually write out, if it isn't in my reds or yellows, pretty much anything goes here. I am very flexible and can play a number of things my RP partners enjoy which might not neccessarily be things in my list of whites. At the end of the day, I want anyone I play with to have fun and come back to play with me again in the future :)

Yellows: Some things in this list is negociable, but it will require some talking beforehand.

Females in SRP (Unless they have cocks. Sorry girls, I don't swing that way). Oral sex (Strangely enough. It doesn't do much for me, but I can play it occasionally if it fits the scene, as a thumb rule though I feel pretty indifferent about it). Watersports. Tasteless tatoos and markings. Animals in SRP.

Reds: Very few, but there are some.

Shallow, short and non-descriptive replies in SRP (I put a lot of effort into my own RP and writing, I expect at least some effort in return or I will get bored.). Any kind of childlike or childishly acting character. Romance. Snuggling. Halflings. Gnomes. Knights in shining armor. Goodly sorts out to help my unfortunate girl (pretending to want to help her is fine however).

Finally, I am tell-friendly and open-minded. If you have any questions at all, or wish to ask about or try to set up something with my girl feel free to send me a tell and we can plan something out. If I don't answer your tell I am not ignoring you, but simply AFK or otherwise typing out one of my infamously large walls of text in a scene :)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human