Savala Nek'murrpau

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Through stark white shoulder length hair one would be confronted by the deep red eyes that carried with them the the spark of something more sinister, perhaps insanity or a deep depravity. Those sweet dark fleshed lips of the drow woman always seemed in such a neutral position leaving a mask of indifference that lay across the pretty face.

Standing at a flat 5' tall she was neither imposing in stature or build seeming to be lithe and more tuned to agility then overwhelming strength.  Underneath all that metal armor was the dark flesh of tha average drow woman. An average elven chast lay above a flat stomach which lay then above a lovely rounded backside and wide hips. Long graceful legs were what carried this creature across the landscape with quick and always deliberate movements.

She in truth was not the very definition of beauty but by no means was she simply average as well.  Though it was always hard to tell given that she was almost constantly garbed in heavy armor and a helmet that obscured her face.  It was even more rare to see her without a longbow strung across her back or kept within a quick reach.

Lights:  Open to a wide array of things, just ask if you have specific questions.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf