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You spot an about five foot eight inches tall female elf. Glancing over the woman she has a slim, untrained appearance. The parts of her skin visible to the eye spot no mark of battle nor any damage or blemish. She has a typical angular elven face, long pointy ears a thin cute nose and full lips. The colour of her eyes have a lively bright blue and are shaped like almonds.
Her skin does not only feel silken smooth and soft to the touch but also does emit a feaverish heat. Though the elven female doesn't look sick at all. She cetaintly wasn't the type of getting cold feet beneath the sheets thats for certain. Down her neck she sports a firm, c-cup sized, soft and round busom. She has a slim and narrow waist which just slightly flares outwards giving her the typical slim and lithe elven build. She has a round, softly fat padded hind that had a nice curvature to it. Her slender legs sports a thigh gap and seem almost endlessly long. As typical for elvenkind her whole body was compleatly hairless. She also seems to have a habit of having longer fingernails which she paints in a multitude of singular colours.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf