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   A woman. She was one, for certain.
   Her form was short, her body slim and slender.
   Her arms were thin, her fingers gentle and precise.
   One hand was covered in ink; skin adorned by dark flowers.
   The other hidden; wrapped in bandage, cloth or fabric.
   Vials, pouches, bags and bottles - her routine company.
   A white mask and a cowl guarded her visage,
   her voice muffled and twisted out of an original form.

Height: [162 cm]~=~[5 feet 4]
Voice: [Coarse. Deformed by the mask.]
Scent: [Pleasant mix of herbs and citruses.]

RP hooks:
   * She deals in drugs, poisons, toxins and other chemicals.
   * She's a capable mage.
   * She's won't hesitate to put desperate ones in her debt.

Scat. Piss. Vore. Pregnancy. Filth. Masculine partners.

Blood. Asphyxiation. Pain. Role reversal. Mess. Magic. Creativity. Feminine partners. Domination. Submission.
Player:Pom Pom
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human