• • • At a Glance • • •

Maw - loh - /caw/

Height: 6' 2" or 188 cm
Build: Voluptuous
Weight: A lot - stature & high tissue density
Skin: Sky blue
Age: 19
Apparent age: 30-35
Hair: Waist-long, midnight black
Horns: Medium-lenth, curved
Eyes: Emerald; glow in the dark
Breasts: Massive!

• • • Further Examination • • •

Before you stands a fairly tall and voluptuous lightly blue-skinned humanoid creature of curious appearance and likely even curiouser origin. Almost every feature of her generously proportioned body coerces to come to the conclusion that she is, in fact, a cow girl, and not the kind that wears cowboy hats and leather pants. Shapely, fleshy thighs eventually form digitigrade legs that end with unmistakeably bovine hooves, her erratic tail of medium length ends with a puff of fur, short cow horns peek out from her dark curly hair, and... Well, she has an obscenely large chest.

Although the mountainous twin orbs are still too large for her frame, the cow-girl's build strives to be as close to plausibility as it can. If dictionaries had illustrations, Molly would be right next to the word 'voluptuous'. Over six feet of curvaceous flesh shape a figure that is about as womanly as a man's imagination can make it. The occasional fat here and there provides more goodness to fondle, but it never obfuscates any prominent features, queen of which is her waist. Its curves are made all the more apparent by the contrastingly wide, child-bearing hips, which come together at the top to mould a deliciously round ass of unsurprisingly large proportions that match her stature.

Diminutive details are not overlooked, either. Of these, perhaps the most eye-catching is the moderately sized gap between her voluminous inner thighs, potentially drawing eyes to her sex. Should she unsurprisingly wear nothing, or wear a string small enough to wedge itself between her mildly agape and almost always wet pussy lips, one will be able to notice that whomever - or whatever - she usually fucks, is following the theme of over-endowment. Speaking of, you probably want to know how big her tits are.

Big. Very big. They are big enough that measuring them in numbers or cups will likely serve little purpose, and analogies to existing round-shaped objects will be more helpful. Easily larger than a head or even two, they're rather closer to the size of beach balls - at their widest, they're likely exactly of that girth. Still, the girl is not immune to gravity, and so her tits would sag somewhat, although given their size or the right clothing, it's not that noticeable. Atop each of these fair blue tits is a stout nipple, occasionally leaking milk. And on each outer flank of her breast is an arcane tattoo - a number. It says 12.09 on one, 398 on the other.

Her face is where many gazes would make their last stop - a knowing smirk would almost always meet such a gaze, provided she's not otherwise occupied. Flowing dark locks frame her mature diamond shaped face with fine, sharp features. Barring her floppy cow-like ears of a relatively small size, of course. Her lips often draw thinner into a wide, toothy grin, and her laugh would always ring in a low pitch. Her accent is hard to place, unlike anything you've ever heard, and just when you grow used to it, it suddenly sounds alien and foreign again.

It is appropriate to note here, then, that the cow girl oozes magic as much as she oozes sensuality (and a musky scent of sex, for that matter). Disregarding unique creatures of high standing, her innate capacity of magic is likely second only to dragons. If there's a dead zone of magic, you could probably use her to cast a spell - just make sure it's not powerful enough to completely sap her of energy and kill her. As such, dispelling spells have an effect on her - they weaken and tire her.

• • • Out of Character • • •

Moloko is an artificial creation - a marvel of genetic engineering, arcane mastery and a dash of the mysterious chemical X (minotaur semen). Her milk has temporary corruptive properties, which my partners are allowed to ignore by saying they succeeded their Fortitude save or something. Females become exceptionally horny for 1 day per each litre consumed, males become more susceptible to lust and have increased cum production 1 day/litre, while shemales/herms get both. For more on her background and for kinks I expect to show up in scenes with her, visit:

I've mentioned this in the link above, but I'll also say this here. Moloko is a creature constantly in arousal to some degree, be it a lingering thought or a fiery aching for a rough fuck. She will flirt with anyone, but she won't /fuck/ anyone. I will play her as shameless and blunt because it's a part of her character, not because I want to fuck. Similarly, although technically a switch, she won't top you just because you want to, even if that's a possibility provided she's in a lustful enough mood.
Player:Your next door neighbour
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human