Tessa Kaar

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You see a short and slightly built half-elf, of indefinite gender, with the toned shoulders and arms of an archer.

Height: ~5'0" / 1.52m
Weight: ~95lb / 43kg
Age: young adult (18+ equivalent)
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Occupation: bartender and occasional escort at Infernal Pleasures

Theme song: Candy Says ~ The Velvet Underground


1. Females, female-identified, or feminine individuals
2. Intersex, transgender, bigender, herm
3. Men, males, masculine individuals

This character's actions are emoted using gender-neutral pronouns (ze, zir, they). How you choose to address them is up to you.


OOC note to save you some time: Tessa has a lot of trouble saying what ze wants, so if ze seems to be interested in your character and you want some action, being assertive and taking the initiative will likely speed things along nicely.

Open to casual/walk-up RP/ERP but will react in character, which may be challenging as Tessa is very skittish. This character is intersex, so if you are uncomfortable with ambiguous or non-binary genitalia, gender identities or gender expression, you may wish to look elsewhere for ERP at least.


I'll read and respect your lights. Don't see something in my list? Ask me!

WHITE: Vanilla sex (incl. oral & anal), friends with benefits, romance

GREEN: Group scenes (3+somes), exhibitionism or public sex, prostitution, masturbation, watersports, tail sex, bestiality (canines, horses, felines)

YELLOW: D/s or BDSM play as a sub, ravishment (i.e. non-con - please ask OOCly first, may have negative IC consequences), certain non-human creatures (esp. dragons, minotaurs, centaurs)

RED: Scat, choking, vomit, death, pregnancy (as opposed to 'risk of'), absurdly disproportionate body parts, buckets o' cum, magical bodily fluids, cervical penetration, intense violence or pain, godplay.

OOC RED: Racism, misogyny, trans- or homophobia, because fuck that shit. If you have questions about trans issues, though, I am not an authority but may be able to answer some of them.


TELL FRIENDLY and open to OOC chat about my character, scene suggestions, or lights. Also agreeable to text RP in the web client or just casual OOC conversation - I'm pretty open about most things, so why not ask?

I am bigender and bisexual iRL and especially interested in talking with other trans and gender-diverse people.

"Nice concept. Would buy a drink. 10."
     ~ D.

If you are OOCly aroused by a scene we are playing and would like to share that with me, I would love to hear it <3

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf