Ardulae Jysolin

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Name: 'Divine-Dance of Relentless Lust'
Apparent Sex: More please
Apparent Race: Drow
Apparent Eye Colour: Violet
Apparent Hair Colour: Silvery-white
Build: Callipygian
General Demeanour: Approachable and friendly; Slut
Sense of Humour: Adult

A piece of planar driftwood washed ashore at Sinfar, Ardulae and her sometime companion, the trusty riding Worg and mounter of kivvil, 'Big Wuff', can often be  seen gallivanting about in a rather upbeat manner. Though at times quiet, the shapely, silverhaired woman is quick to smile and display well-kept teeth and rather pointy, derpy lip implants that look like a pair of protruding canines, as well as tongue pierced with either a barbell, or if she's feeling venomous, a piercing topped by razorblade that, much like a sabre, is only sharp on one end.

Her hands, perpetually in motion and quick to gesticulate when engaging in villainous monologue, are well-manicured, the long, oddly sturdy and almost clawlike nails almost belying the soft skin of nimble fingers suited to the workings of a cultivated concubine

Overall, she seems quite keen on maintaining a presentable appearance, her silvery hair clean and usually worn long enough to fall down her back in a shiny waterfall of soft tresses and silken strands. She also seems quite fond of spider motifs, even if she utterly lacks a Lolthite's standoffish demeanor. When asked, she might just insist she finds them "cute" or similar, which may well be true.

Of particular interest, and often emphasized accordingly, her bust is considerable, almost the size of her head, those pert, dark nipples of hers usually hard, as if she were perpetually turned on and ready to go. Adorably enough, she's even tattooed silvery spider webs over her boobs, to give those nubs a lurking demeanor, like bait in a trap made to ensnare willing mouths and other, more sordid organs.  

She usually smells like lilac, vanilla, -dick- or lots and lots of soap. Usually in that order over the course of a day.

Greens: Good characters. Your odds are higher if you're not from Faerun. I don't care about gender, race, typing skills (within reason) etc. Have a personality. Have a history that isn't ridiculous, unless that history is from this server. Then, and only then, does it make sense. Exceptions, of course, exist and prove the rule, but those often are 'life's just that way' stories, rather than 'inner circle of the shadow thieves' or 'archduke of hell' number five million two hundred thousand and fifty-seven. That said, I've seen very bad children of Graz'zt himself, and very good ones. How trumps What.

Yellows: Bad, but hot characters. Hard kinks such as gore, overtly visceral descriptions of bodily waste, torture etc.. My mood for such is situational.

Reds: Shitty characters. Player reserves right to fade to black at any given moment. This goes both ways of course, and should go without saying; But here it is anyway. Characters without reds. As in, "find out in RP" or similar. Nine times out of ten, an open wound because you've just been fighting monsters earlier will already be a red. If you want less detail/something glossed over, put it in your description. That's what lights are for.
Player:Tiefling Mafia
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human