Circe Lexetira

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Race: Moon Elf
Age: 217
Height: 5'5
Build: Athletic, Wiry - Now slightly atrophied

She seems distant and dreary, almost stoic, saying little unless spoken to first, seeming to prefer plain and functional clothes that keep her from standing out among the crowd. Her stance is heavy, burdened, almost like something is pulling her down. It's very rare to see her smile or laugh or show any sort of real emotion if she's able to help it. With as little as she says, it would seem she plays her emotions and motivations very close to her chest.

A simple cloak, or a common jacket, boots meant more for marching than any sort of leisure - If not in armor, those would be the things she's most often seen wearing.

Her armor of choice more recently is a suit of blackened, scorched half-plate paired with a chain shirt that looks as though it's been repaired time and time again. While a far cry from the shining, knightly armor she once wore, the black armor appears far lighter and more flexible than previous choices.

Rather than the massive fullblade she once carried, she now uses a slightly smaller, cleaner claymore, a weapon of masterwork quality but with otherwise no distinguishing marks.

The only jewelry she's ever seen wearing would be a brass pendant - a busted up old thing hung by a red cord and engraved with the symbol of Ilmater.

Her skin is covered in scars and disfigurements, owing to her life as an adventurer and mercenary, with the causes seemingly as numerous as the marks themselves - Though many of them seem faded, or to have healed up well. It's clear that for some period of her life she had access to a healer of some kind, or at least someone skilled at treating wounds. The most commonly visible, and among the most gruesome of these markings is a deep, jagged cut down her left eye. With the way she carries herself and the very many injuries she seems to have sustained over her life, it would be a lie to call her attractive in any conventional sense.

Her voice, however, is as light and melodic as most of her race, though her manner of speech is much more simple and she speaks with an almost 'human' accent.
Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, bathroom stuff. 'Victim' characters. If the character is made from the ground up for only bad shit to happen to them I'm not going to bother investing myself.

This all goes both ways, of course.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf