Race: Mostly elf
Height: 5'3"
Build: Curvy, a tad thick for an elf
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green w/ gold flecks

More or less an elf, Tanelia is indeed a short and pointy eared creature. Who knows, she might also be long-lived, but as of now she seems quite young.

Her hair is blond and her eyes are emerald green, flecked with gold. Her skin is smooth and tawny, free of blemishes.

Bodywise she's quite thick. Lush and curvy, she certainly makes it look good - but likely indulges to some degree. Perhaps not the most petite little thing, but she isn't all elf, is she.

Her usual disposition is calm and collected (at least towards those she doesn't know), and her appearance is kept clean and pristine.
Player:Blue Aeroplane
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human