Elize Stormaren

Elize Stormare, the centauress being observed, appears distinctly larger than the imaginably average female centaur. Still a fairly young adult by standards of her kind, the visible strength in her dominantly black-hided lower body and under the tanned skin of her humanoid torso tell of a person who takes hard work as a personal challenge, whether pulling loaded wagons or applying force of arms, coming quite close to personifying the term "warhorse".

The facial features subtly curtained by her black-as-night hair were unscarred, quite attractive even. Deep green eyes underneath somewhat thick eyebrows regard her conversation partners cautiously, the lass occasionally smiling when it may be considered inappropriate, the social labyrinths of various species by far uncharted territory to her, as she preferred rigorous work and direct courses of action to diplomacy.

The front of her chest armor perhaps has been refitted a good few times before they could contain her more than ample bosom without sacrificing defensive value too much.

*Traffic Light Section*

Reds: Mutilation, bleeding, death of Elize in any context.

Yellows: Most yellows regularly shift between yellow and green, depending on my mood. Ask if in doubt of a concept or two!

Greens: More or less creative trickery and manipulation to force promise-keeping Elize into intimate situations and acts she did not realise consenting to at first. She has great endurance and fortitude, smarts...not so much!
Some traditional "monster" species, such as goblins, gnolls or trolls, and other considered "uncivilized" creatures with intelligence and intimate intent are more than welcome to attempt to subdue Elize through trickery or force!

Whites: Not many things stand out of the sea of green, where most things may belong. Some top favourites would include indentured servitude situations to some degree, or a two-legged character treating Elize almost like an ordinary horse, lactation play...again, ask if in doubt! Worst I may do is refuse, and I often enjoy experimenting with new ideas.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown