Sovzek Neharis

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First and foremost, im not  English native so im sure i did some grammar mistakes but im always trying to do my best.

[----------------]USUAL SHAPE[------------------]


Gender: Male
Eyes: Brass, Catlike
Hair: Dark Brown, always impolute and well combed.
Skin: Red
Height: 6' 4'' - (1m 95Cm)
Body: Strong, Defined not completly Muscular
Race: Devil but at first glance: Tielfing
Tail: Long, Thick, ended on a rounded edge
Sex: Male
Age: 32 (This can change, always btween 18 to 35. Young to Mature)

[----------------]Character Traits[-----------]

Class: Eldrich Knight.
Alignment: Lawfull Evil
Archeotype: Corruptor, Slaver, Gentleman
outdoor - bastard indoor.
    · Devil's Aura: He is identificable as a Devil if somoenoe performs any spell to detect what he is or wich alignement he has

    · Vicious Tounge: When he wants to speak and change the opinion to his favour he uses this power who makes his voice echoes into the head of the subjet making sure that slowly the will of her mind starts to accept his suggestions.

     · Bodyshifting: He could assume another shapes from complete Devil to a Beast like creature or only changing some of his appendeages to fullfill perverse desires.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you stare hits him, its elegance and mischievousness followed by confidence. This man it not just an usual Tiefling but wearing nice and clean clothes that shows economic power and provides that feeling of beeing a well suited person.

He usually wears a tight silk shirt that draws the muscles of his body with colours that matches his skin tone, over it there is a tanned brown leather jacket whose seams are embroidered with gold thread. His pants leaves nothing to imagination since theyre tight and shows what he has btween his legs, a round and well adjusted pack a bit bloated maybe but nothing extreme or ridicolously big.

On his right side of the belt you can see a few puches and a small book, hanging from a leash of leather and on the left one hangs a whip, and dagger in its seathe with a handle crafted with fine leather, gold and silver. No more weapons are on display but the book posses a small aura of arcane power.

Finally his tail is like a snake, long and thick, falls from the upper part of his round and firm butt, moving slowly with an hypnotically rythm as he talks, always threating to entangle the one who speaks with him, maybe more than that. (:P)

Every part of his attrie is adjusted to give the impresion that this mane is someone you can trust, yet his smile, always curled to the right side and the sighly naughty aura who comes from him could raise your suspicion.

[----------] RP Interest [--------------------]

· Im interested in RP that involves magic, rituals and works who fits with a Devil.

· Its important to point that not all is ERP even when its involved with the a simple chat with another.

· Developing the character and making him grow its also something that i'll try with everything he does so i accept consecuences of the things i do or others tries to do when they're logical and doesnt get into the abuse.

[----------]LIGHTS - ERP RELATED[-------------]

First at foremost: This is only a simple guide to the things id like and my prefferences, but since there is a lot to "discover" and enjoy im quite open to try things that are not here, just ask with a Tell frist if you have some doubts or if you dont like something id have here and you want to avoid that.


· Domination. (Master-Slave relationship, transforming someone into his Familiar/Pet)
· BDSM (From ropes/Shibare to objetification, id like to try every aspect of it and practices who are inside this vast definition)
· Mind Control/Hypnosis. (Its something that i like to do with a developed RP, not just a single spell or a few words)
· Transformation / Behavoir alteration (It could vary, from bimbofication to the oposite of it even dollification or nullification, maybe creating an exotic hybrid or changing the race, expanding the breast, hips or whatever he wants)
· Creative use of Magic (From classics and overused tentacles or creating living clothes for example, with magic everything is possible, naughty or not)
· Oral (Receiving but he could give it if the other earns it)
· TitJobs (Receiving) (I dont see how he could give this...)
· RP Consecuences / Long Term. (Come'on, who doesnt like to have more persistant RP rather than quickies, plot drive RP or ERP  are the best)
· Final thing: Aegao. (Yep, id like to play until i shatter the mind of the one who is with Sov'zek pushing to the limit and watching carefully how she looses her mind)


This is the most ample list and the one who is always expanding, here goes everything not listed on my favourites, yellow or red. (Its allowed and pleasurable for me i guess)
- A few examples:

· Use of NPC
· Group Sex
· Public
· Private
· Teasing
· Gropping
· Long foreplay
· ¿Romantic? (Yes, he could be romantic and of course, inside the BDSM comes the caring and protective side of beeing a Master)
· Equal relationship
· Quickies.

But there are more and more, just ask or expose an idea of what you want


This depends on my mood but i can acept them if the RP drives to it

· Shemales (See RED ones for further explanation)
· Watersports (Something soft, nothing more, i can accept a golden shower, but not much more)
· Sov'zek submitting (without a plot to get on the top and revenge its a complete RED)


- Males, Femboys. (A Genderbend could be discussed, but it could happend only if its a long term thing and not just for one session)

- Sov'zek beeing stuffed with something. (Impossible, "Hits the Nope Button")


Here it is, an update to his bio. I hope you like it and let me write a few more words for everyone who like the character:

- Im very tell friendly, so if you have some idea, just ask or suggest an RP or plot!

See you, around the Isles.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human