A tall black furred goat man, if ever it was, with a bestial wolf like muzzle with sharpened fangs instead of blunt herbivore teeth. The thick coarse hair, more akin to a dark furred pelt kept most of the elements at bay as rain, snow, scorching sun rays seemed not to bother the creature in the least. Grey eyes peering about with a feral cunning, if devoid of any higher intellect is hardly worth really investigating. Metallic plates of darkened steel also clad the Goat like creature, ironically, serving better protection for running away opposed to charging straight at an enemy. However, a thick broad skull lowered with four ram horns did make up for a lack of chest protection. Two large hands clad with thick fingers tapered with clawed fingertips, the creature relied more on brute force than tactics, and if it happened to get a hold of something chances were Morrison wouldn't let go unless he was forced to.
Cursed Geas: Any creature with any talent in magic would notice a cursed charm entwined throughout Morrison's' very existence, more akin to a live electrical wire that they could attempt to take control of and bend to their own will. Of course doing so comes with it's own drawbacks as it can only be attempted once a day, and it'd seem there was no guarantee that succeeding would prevent another from immediately taking control afterwards. Those of a weak will may also find the stubborn and unwilling servant now under their control trying to break free as well. However, Any who do manage to keep the Goat Trolloc in check, have an ample meat shield to goat into danger.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown