Draksa Staune

Portrait Save
You'd see a very tall half elf, with red long mane, thickish lips and nose, wearing a short black coat over a mostly black set of boots, swimsuit like piece and trousers of some lseek leathery fabric that tightly hugs her shape. At her back there's a longsword seathed over a long plank. The voice is kind of raspy, but also in the feminine side. Her speech has the accent of Luskan with some influence from the Dalelands accent.

If what she wears isn't what's described, then it's wysiwyg with differences possibly emoted.

Languages spoken: Common, Illuskan, Elven, Dwarven, some Infernal.

LIGHTS: Whatever goes as long it is within rules and doesn't mean permanent change of the character. Reds will be added as I find them. That said, lights are mutual, if you have a red by which my character can't do something to yours, then yours can't do that to mine and viceversa with my lights shall I add reds.

RED: Engine alignment not according to the action's alignment (may accept exception with beast characters, i.e. if your character is a murderer he must have evil alignment). Most forms of body alteration.

GREEN: Time Stop, granted a chance to recognize and then interrupt, if so it is given. Mind affecting (temporary only, though perhaps subtle ones might be long lasting even if consequences of them are big).

WHITE: Adventuring. DMed events. Third person emotes much, much better than second person.

Note 1: Being in hunting area or hunting doesn't mean unavailable to RP. Only way to be unavailable is logging out.

Note 2: Not going to accept hostile actions without a fight, so expect rolls if you want to do something to her. If you don't want rolls can tell me so and we do simulating no rolls. If you can't accept Draksa thwarting your character then don't bother trying hostile actions.

Note 3: Due to effects I don't like having all spells on. I'll use just prot from evil: if it's up, all others are supposed to be up and please let me set them up before engine PvP. If it's not up, then she's meant to have no active spells and PvP can start right away.

Note 4: If your char is a devil, might be interested in a tell with the plane affiliation.

Note 5: Roleplay is about combat and as much about social and mental abilities. Characters that may be better suited to bluff or persuade than the player is. So there may be rolls also for that sort of thing. I guess same would then happen with ideas.

On DC rolls and situations.

While, obviously, I always try to be fair, I may get some wrong idea some times. Apologies for my mistakes.

I may do some rolls a bit different: like some times I may deviate from str to attack unless finesse and dex to defend. Perhaps I think a defence can have two ways to work, perhaps both successes make for a stronger success, one being key to it going right or wrong. Or believe something should be represented by something missing, so I may ask a roll of two different types of things (like a skill vs a save) that may have totally different bonus ranges so direct comparison wouldn't be fair; in such cases the D20 side would be more important and the bonus would just be "high, average, low" bonus for the skill or for the save or whatever. Though it's not exacly like this, it could go "ability 12+15 vs save 14+20", since a +15 is very high for abilities and a +20 save would be low for save, the ability roll would be considered +3 over save and then the ability roll wins even if the raw final result is lower. I may do stuff like that in both directions, but I try to compensate bias by trying to pushing the DCs a bit against Draksa if my idea is not very clear.
Also, I may roll some d100s in places as to take NPCs into account. Generally lower numbers mean whatever would work against Draksa, high in her favour.
I may also do some unopposed will or mind ability roll as to her picking up the intentions or making the right or wrong decisions. Likewise you may do such rolls to have your character interpret her mood right or wrong, or to know what ways might be easier or harder (rightly or wrongly) to get her to agree to something or fall into some trap.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf