Humanoid Figure

You'd see a robed and hooded figure that would be considered tall if human. Under the hood, the face is hidden by cloth, those in front and close then could see her green eyes, red eyebrows, light skin and thickish nose bridge, they seem feminine. The voice is kind of raspy, but also in the feminine side.

If not with robe and hood, wysiwyg though may emote some bits on it.

Languages spoken: Common, Illuskan, Elven, Dwarven, some Infernal.

LIGHTS: Whatever goes as long it is within rules and doesn't mean permanent change of the character. Reds will be added as I find them. That said, lights are mutual, if you have a red by which my character can't do something to yours, then yours can't do that to mine and viceversa with my lights shall I add reds.

GREEN: Time Stop, granted a chance to recognize and then interrupt if so it is given.

WHITE: Adventuring. DMed events.

Note 1: Being in hunting area or huntong doesn't mean unavailable to RP. Only way to be unavailable is logging out.

Note 2: Due to effects I don't like having all spells on. I'll use just prot from evil: if it's up, all others are supposed to be up and please let me set them up before engine PvP. If it's not up, then she's meant to have no active spells and PvP can start right away.

Note 3: If your char is a devil, might be interested in a tell with the plane affiliation.

Note 4: Named Humanoid Figure because I'm not yet sure if making her the character I have in mind.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf