~ Appearance ~
Hair: Ice White
Race: Half-Elf
Eyes: Dark white
Sex: Female (For sure)

Alysa is as fluffy and sexy as you see it, with curvaceous breast and butt. One look is enough to tell that she is pretty and dirty somewhere in her heart.
She is not dumb, but easily trusts...
She is stubborn, sometimes, very stubborn, but she is quite breakable and often slutty.

~ Lights ~
Gender preference (in order):
- Shemale/Herms/Girls with dick
- Females
- Male monsters/creatures(depends on mood)
- Etc...

- Licking/rimming (Female like characters only, giving)
- Being submissive
- Dirty talking
- Walkups
- Kissing
- Breeding
- Cum play
- Surprise approaches
- Smaller/taller/bigger races
- Being tricked and used (even against her will, considering it does not conflict with Reds. Highly depends on mood, will tell if against).

Green: Everything except RED (Turn on your imagination)

- Poop
- Human like male characters
- Body modifications
- Permanent anything (depends on character ^^)

P.S She often stays waits to being approached. Simply because it's way more natural for submissive character to be approached and taken...

P.P.S Very, very tell friendly, however i prefer not to setup RP in tell (not impossible though)...
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf