Amar Senner

The calm elf usually wears outfits with a few divine symbols of unknown origins on them.

Profession / Style:
Battle Cleric / Healer
(Defensive / Dodgy)

For Fairness:
System race: Halfling (don't bother with Evard's Black Tentacles in PvP versus this character)

This character, like nearly all of mine, is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

My interests on this character are widespread and relatively openminded. General roleplay, erotic roleplay, dungeon crawling / PvE and limited PvP is welcome.

The meaning of limited PvP is CTF and friendly duels / sparring.

I expect you to behave. Should you display grief, spite, trollish or otherwise destructive behaviour, then we won't PvP and play together, at all.

My characters do not bond with anyone and anything. This includes factions as much as it includes marriage or monogamy. You get no jealousy drama with me and that's the least you can do in return too.

I once had no real traffic lights on this character. Though, I don't enjoy the whole toilet show, urine, feces, blood, gore, vore and excessive violence.
Let's keep that out of our roleplay, when we play together.

You can consider everything else "green" or potentially acceptable in negotiations. Can be top or bottom alike, romantic, rough or tender.

Races? I don't really care on this character but keeping sizes realistic or matching, that would be great.

Genders? I'm not as uptight on genders as I can be on my other characters. Yes, the character has forms for your gender swapping spells too. Female by default and should you want to use that mechanism, have some understanding when I cannot always think / RP too deeply in male pattern. However, I still prefer heterosexual scenes with men and I still don't approach anything female looking to initiate erotic scenes. That's still up to you. Same sex is alright too, when I am in the mood, but that's still more like doing a favor for you and nothing that I'd do regulary for you. I have nothing against shemales, herms, "traps" and crossdressers on Amar too, but they really have to put some effort to convince Amar and that's a rather exceptional big favor for you.

Toys? It's all fine and fun, for as long as we talk about sex toys and not serious torture devices. Turn everything "ON" and let's hope that all the buzzing sound won't wake up all the neighbours. In worst case, we get more to join the fun.

When I'm not in mood for something then I will tell you or if it creates greater discomfort then I will leave the scene. Try to be a little considerate and I won't flee a scene. Asking doesn't hurt when in doubts.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf