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This caramel skinned beauty of 6'11" in stature (7'6" while in her heels) walks with a sensual sway of her wide, lush hips that roll and sway with every step she takes that sounds out with a very audible click of her metal.

Her stark white hair cascades down her back in a silky soft, shimmering and showing that it was very well maintained now came to just about the shoulder or even slightly above and sometimes is even seen falling partially over one, or both of those bright crimson luminescent eyes of hers.

Her lips are soft, full and plump and bares a piercing in the bottom one at it's left side which would always been seen shimmering in the dancing light surrounding her, she'd also bare another piercing within the left nostril of her nearly perfectly shaped and regal nose.

Large thick horns sprout from the top of her head and move up over the top of it while having a slight curve inwards, those horns bumpy and ribbed in thick rings that move along it from crown to point, each of those large horns.

Her breasts would fill up any top she wore to nearly the point of bursting as they were a very supple FF cup in size, each of which was capped with a darker cocoa colored areola and in the center of those lay the hardened pierced nipples, each of which an inch in length and every so often seen dribbling trickles of milk from within them so she usually opts for topless outfits, and ever since a fit of anger enhanced and transformed her body even further she opts for bottomless ones as well as her "leaking" from down below usually just ends up ruining clothes anyways.

Her waist is a bit on the "full figured" side though she certainly wasn't obese, with her wide hips and that deliciously large and jiggly ass of hers as well as her rather shapely thighs she certainly had a "Matronly" body to her that just meant there was more of her to cuddle with and love.

From her tailbone a 4½ foot long and 2½ inch thick tail would protrude forth, swaying and swishing through the air that prehensile appendage was always on the move, the very tip of that tail however was not spaded in it's shape it was in fact for the last 4 inches of it rather spongy flesh that held a small opening in the very end of it, an opening that looked as though when she got aroused it also drooled out thick precum, it also looked like it could be used as a make shift slit if she wished it to as well and once within the flesh was incredibly hot, wet and tight, every so often it would even be seen curling up beneath whatever skirt, dress or other clothing she may have on giving the on looker the thought that it was probably doing something naughty while there.

Upon the soft and smooth flesh of her back on either side of her spine four at first small protruding "bumps" would be felt and easily seen, those bumps clearly having a "domed" shape to them, at her will and no others those "bumps" would grow out from her flesh and would become cock tipped tentacles that could easily extend up to 6 feet in length and become as thick as her own member was, the texture of those tentacles would be slick and oily with a lubricating substance that holds the same properties as her cum or pussy juices and people come to find that with bare skin contact against them tingling and pleasuring electric like surges would move through the skin of anywhere that touched them, within a wet oriface or against metal piercings that affect would be doubled of course.

Between those shapely thighs of hers people who look would come to see that she was in fact a hermaphrodite as a thick, fat member hung between her legs, that length covered in thick veins and bore thick, ribbed bumps along it's entire surface easily showing that it would make for one hell of a ride.

When fully aroused that shaft would measure in in the "monstrous" (The size of the model I use is literally on par with the equine pelvis though purely human like in appearance) length that even while soft it was almost impossible to wrap a single hand and fingers around it, needless to say that she could quite easily perform autofellatio on herself, let alone use that large bitch breaker of her's to hand out some truly sinful pleasure. At the base of that shaft would hang her balls, always so full and fat and being near the size of baseballs each, those sphere's always looking so heavy and full of cum that she was ready to give up at a moments notice.

Behind those heavy balls of hers one who even bothered to look/explore would find the slick, hairless, camel toed folds of her pussy, a pussy that was so wet all the time, a pussy that from within one would feel waves of fertile heat just pouring out of her and she was TIGHT, tight enough that any who got to stick any part of themselves up inside would most certainly not find ANYTHING to be disappointed about, that slick inner flesh undulating and twisting around any intruder as if it were it's own living entity that was ready and able to please.

Along the inside of that pussy passage one would find that she had many upon many metal studs "pierced" into all four walls that would be used to rub, grind, and caress against things that slide within her for even more stimulation.  Around her puckered star she'd have small metal hoops pierced into the flesh on all four side, and within just like within her pussy she'd have those metal studs within there as well.

Her legs are long, supple and shaped like the rest of her body as though she was sculpted to perfection with a body built for sinful pleasures, each of those legs ending in soft and sexy feet, feet that were capped with brightly shimmering purple nails much like the ones on her fingers.

Speaking of burning needs any and all of the fluids that come from her body may it be saliva, cum, milk, pee, or especially her blood have the properties of being HIGHLY addictive to the degree that even the smallest drop would make wherever that fluid touched feel a burning need for more of it, her cum and milk having the added properties of enhancing any and all pleasures felt within the entire body nearly to the point of being orgasmic from the get go  then the rest of this purely sinful demonic woman already would have.

Her voice is strong, confident, full of authority and held a deep almost purring growling nature to every word she spoke yet sounded sweet in the ears, her voice held special properties as well, those of weaker wills would find her voice incredibly enchanting and alluring, to a degree that when she spoke it would be immensely hard to focus on anything else.

REDS: Hard Vore, Scat, Snuff

FAV'S: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Large Insertions, Belly Bulges, Inflating (With cum), Lactation/Milking, Scent Play, Multiple Penetrations at once, Excessive Amounts of Cum/Cum Baths, Cum Sharing/Swapping, Romance, Seduction, Soft Sex, Rough Sex, Mild Sexual Pain, Scratching, Nibbling/Soft Bitin, Scent Marking, Bondage, Half Cocking, Breast Fucking, Foot/Cock/Ball/Breast Worship, Spanking (On ass or breasts), Piercings, Sex In Public, INCEST.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human