Owen Guman

(Last updated July 11 2017)

--- Description ---

You examine this man aged about thirty years. You notice his clear complexion, graying silvery hair and the slight roughness of his traits offering him a certain masculine charm.

You stare for a moment his deep black eyes before to perceive the man in his entirety. Medium sized, it seems a bit more athletic than the common, distinguished by his toughness.

Most of the time, he maintains a composed appearance, summarily varying from a state of mind to another. However, it seems he has something more, something magical and indefinable.

--- OOC ---

I am not a native english-speaker, my writing is not perfect but I'm eager to learn so you can point my mistakes as long as it's done gently.

Otherwise, I can RP in french too.

And here are the lights :

RED : males, extreme violence, toilets stuffs, anything using its prick on my PC.
YELLOW : nothing specific it just depends on the mood and situation.
GREEN : females, romance, naughty girls, rough, soft, dominance, submission, footplay and probably plenty other things.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human