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The most striking feature of this fiendling are most likely his eyes. Molten-orange irises that, some would say, have the power to cause quite the erection, when cast in a sultry, half-lidded gaze towards someone he fancies.

At a glance it would be very difficult, if not outright impossible, to realize that Morgan is actually a male. It would be much, much easier to mistake him for one of the many succubuses wandering the place.

His body is often clad in dresses that tend to fit quite tightly to his form. On his front, curves are quite lacking due to a flat chest, but as one's gaze wanders down to his hips, there's a delightful hourglass frame to be found. A waspish form that could have someone wonder if he's wearing a corset, just beneath. For sure, he's very aware of such allure as each single step taken by those long, slender legs, is taken to ensure a proper sway of his hips to also show off his round rear.

While his body is quite pale, it seems like his limbs are covered in a dark shade of gray, which resembles a layer of tattooing, which seems to be somehow controllable and shaped to the fiendling's whims.

~There was once a boy~

Delicate, frail-looking, this bundle made of a male's lust and a delightfully feminine body could deceive anyone into thinking his soul was as pure as his looks. A shame that he didn't spend as much time on moral integrity as he did with grooming himself.

OOC Bits
The visual of the character is inspired by InCase's "The invitation" comic. You should check it out!

Whites (Not mandatory to play with me.)

-Oral-centric worship of any kind (giving).
-K n o t s
-Juicy, fat co- posts
And a -lot- more. Ask, if in doubt.
(Craving gobbo girldick. Bring some, kay?)

Reds: One-sided effort roleplay. Topping. Kink wise, if you're in the mood for something weird, ask first.
(Yes, dark words on dark background because I hate you.)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human