Florretta Dela Rosa Mors

(Reading song, Dearly beloved kh2)
/a little bit of a story?/

Known as a bit of the goofy little girl, Flo reminds everyone what being free spirited truly means. Inventor,Doctor ,Songstress, Composer, Alchemist, are nothing but a few of the technical status we can give her. But the thing that is truly remarkable is how much she excels in em.

Surely renown troughs out tens, not many should not know her as she passes by whit her giddy little attitude and a weird train of tough. She would proudly claim to be the best.

But alas, whit everything changing all the time she must be honest and say that she is the second best thing before perfection.

It is truly remarkable at what this sweet innocent little trouble maker can do, From little walking talking dolls, too unimaginable torture devices.

"Her Quote":
Remember children, the only way to prevent accidental forest fire, is to burn it down yourself!

/Body analogies spectrum's : Aka: Sexiness?\

The first thing people usually glance upon is her h.....Well it should be the hair but you dang pervs just go right down toward those impressive and firm bussom that shakes around in the cashmere,silken cloths.

They seem to taunt the mind as they ballot at her steps, making the revered eyes of the owner follow the rhythm like a hypnotic trance, only showing the border of her fleshy mounds to tease her audiences....something like that.

Then i guess the passer by would just wait a fickle of the second she passes by to slurp back his own drool and observe the second area of there interest

Her bubblelishiousese.......>.> what ever that could mean. Well her behind, Whit the patenting clothing just letting the eye surf over the tightened curves  slipping to those long extended legs of hers only letting one imagine what they could do whit it.

They would be able to wield that pretty little fleshy behind whit there palms whit ease if only they could reach instead of imagining it... Dam scaredy cat pervs...

/Short term bio/
(Does not apply to monster FLo)

Name: Florretta

Race :Pure Kitsune ( An  innocent, most of the time)

Gender: Female
(Does not apply to Monster Flo)

Height : 5.4 and then she shrunk....again

Weight : Less then a feather (Magical experiments helps)

Idol : Flo's reflection reflection (Because somehow it can react the same way as Flo and her reflection)
Bust line : 45 G's

:Quote: "You catch more Flys whit sugar then Vinegar. But your not trying to catch a Fly, so you'll probably need those shackles, and rope and.....squeaky toys"

Red lights: Scat (common ...Ewww..) , death, vore.....

Green lights: Rape,bondage, submissive, dommy ....You get the point

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human