Elizabeth Wraith

Elizabeth Wraith, a mature human lady in her mid 40's, about 5,2'' tall.

Her skin is rather bright, almost porcelain, while her silken greyish/silver hair seems to be coloured like a raven's featherin her younger years. The beautiful facial features of high cheekbones, shapely lips and almond shaped blue eyes are even more beautiful by the decent makeup of charcoal along her eyelids and lips.  

Her body is slender, barely trained muscles could be found, though her curves are well formed, a bra size of a D cup followed by a small waistline while her curves are wider providing a slightly bigger butt still very curvy followed by long legs.

The lady's dresscode is usualy kept in brown, blue or black colours while being decorated or supported by brass and steel. In general her outfits appear rather Victorian or in Steampunk-style. Some may find her wearing a beautiful dress, while others meet her wearing tight trousers or skirts. Some may find her wearing an outfit showing off more skin, while being geared up with a dagger, a handbook, gears and tools and of course a flintlock. Her left arm then is surrounded by a machine made of brass. The overall appearance may give a hint that Elizabeth might be a wizard, using gnomic tools, some might even call her noble by her attitude, behaviour and dress. It is hard to tell if she is either a noble bookworm or a adventuress by heart.

//Reds: Gore, Bathroom stuff, Anal, too much violence in ERP, RPless actions just for fun or being a dick
//Yellow: Normal males, watersports, sexual torture,  Genderbending shapeshifters (stay with one gender!), other things I might dislike ( I will warn ofcourse)
//Green: Women of any kind and race, herms/shemales/whatever as long as the gender is fix and not a matter of throwing dices. Monsterous/Bestial males and females, Bestiality and other crazy stuff. Flirting and cuddling, kisses and sex. Nice rp with a background, humorus and interesting characters, scents and tastes, use of addictive substances, sub/dom (depends on my mood), many other things I can't think of right now -> Nothing promised, every light  can be changed and altered!. Have fun
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human